7/12/21 Shipping and Product Availability Update

Well. . .

We have now blown through all 8800 lbs of last week's shipment and while dozens of you are most-likely delighted that your order has shipped or will be shipping, we simply did not receive enough product to fulfill every order.  (Most of the UPS and USPS orders have already left but the freight orders will be leaving today and tomorrow, watch your email for shipping info)

Please note that we have more than enough product ordered from Body Solid to fulfill every in-house order, but we are only allotted a certain quantity of everything we get.  We are fulfilling orders in a first come - first serve basis.  Believe it or not, many of the orders we shipped last week were initially placed nearly a year ago.

Please note:  During the height of COVID, we were one of the only vendors actually accepting orders.  As of today, there are still vendors not accepting orders.  The benefit to you of placing an order with us is that it put you in line to get your product as soon as it was available to us.  This is exactly how it's working today.

To those of you who have patiently waited while we fight to fulfill your orders. . .  Thank you!

To those of you who politely asked for a refund because the wait simply became too long. . .  Thank you as well.

To those of you who really didn't have a good grasp on the desperate situation we're all in - not just the fitness industry, but virtually every industry -  and chose to berate us, harass us and otherwise choose to become a thorn in our side - Shame on you.

Have a great week everyone!