7/27/21 Update and Revisions to Website

Good Morning Everyone!

I have been told that another Body Solid shipment is again heading our way.  I should receive it in a week or so.  I am also expecting yet another shipment from Nautilus Fitness including a few treadmills and exercise bikes.  Sorry, no IC4s yet.

Also. . .  With the extreme uncertainty of product availability, I am changing up our website to only except orders for products I know I can immediately fulfill.  I've made good headway through this process, but I'm sure it will take me a week or two more to complete the process.  At this time, this applies to Body Solid items (and their Endurance, Best Fitness and Powerline branded products).

Please note - If you have a current order with us, we will continue to diligently work to fulfill your order.  This change does not affect previous orders.

You may note that I now have a pretty good idea of what items are actually in the Body Solid warehouse in Chicago, and Body Solid has agreed to resume offering drop-shipments for items that they have in their warehouse, but I don't have in mine.  In other words, if you place an order for an item I don't have in Wisconsin, I will have it shipped directly to you from Body Solid.

If you're unsure of an item, please feel free to email to check availability at

Thanks a million everyone!