7/6/2021 - Incoming Product Update - YAY! - More good news!

7/6/2021 - Incoming Product Update - YAY! - More good news!

Well. . .  There's no question we'll be fulfilling dozens of orders within the next couple of days.  We received 5 pallets of product today from Body Solid, a total of 8800 lbs.  2 of the pallets gave my forklift a serious challenge.

We received rubber grip plates and sets as well as Chicago Extreme Bumper plates and sets.  We also received a selection of Kettlebells and rubber hex dumbbells, a few benches, Olympic dumbbell handles, Olympic plate trees and a few other smaller items.  Most everything we received is already spoken for but I think we'll have a few extra Chicago Extreme bumper plates and sets.  If your reading this and you've been thinking about getting a bumper plate set, now is the time.

Tomorrow, Josh and I will be making some local deliveries in the Green Bay area.  Of course,  please know everyone, all deliveries will done only in the order the orders have been received.  On Thursday and Friday, we'll spend our full days, shipping products by one of our three methods - USPS and UPS for smaller and lighter packages, or Freight Carrier as determined by our broker Arcbest for all larger shipments.  

We will be sending emails to everyone who has an order coming their way.

Items that we did not receive in today's shipment include: Cast grey grip plates and sets, Rubber color plates and sets and full rubber dumbbell sets.  We also have not received any larger weight machines.

Our list of unfulfilled orders is really starting to get small.  We are so pleased and happy that you have not just put your faith and trust in us, but that you've had the patience to see this thing through.  It's been tough on us be we truly do want to fulfill your orders.

Thanks again!