Free Weights/Dumbbells

Is it time to invest in that dream home gym you've always wanted? Whether you need dumbbells and dumbbell sets for your home workouts, or you're looking to bring them to your local gym, dumbbells are one of the most effective types of equipment used for resistance training!

Dumbbells are small, hand-held weights that are used for strength training workouts. They are available in a number of different weights and are commonly made of either a metal or rubber material. There are quite a few advantages to purchasing dumbbells for your home or gym workouts. These include being easy to use, allowing for a greater range of motion than barbells, having the ability to be adjusted easily, and of course, providing an option for working out in smaller spaces in a home. Especially if you don't have the budget or the space for a large home gym system, small resistance fitness equipment like dumbbells or barbells is the perfect alternative. Shop The Fitness Store online today for dumbbell sets!

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