5/7/21 Update

5/7/21 Update

Good Morning All!

Your patience has been remarkable and things are starting to return to normal. . .  with a few exceptions - Body Solid and Nautilus/BowFlex/Schwinn.

We are within 1 unit - an XT485 treadmill of having EVERY back-ordered Spirit Fitness order filled.  Yay!  We also have many units in stock for immediate shipping/delivery.

We are also up to date on all Landice orders although there will still remain a 3 to 4 month lead time on most new orders.

We have fulfilled EVERY BodyCraft Fitness order as of this week and have a few select units in stock for immediate shipping/delivery.

We currently have no back-ordered items with WaterRower.

Nautilus/BowFlex/Schwinn items are arriving very slowly.  We have several pieces on the road to us right now, and 4 of them will help fulfill a few remaining orders.  Still waiting on IC4 bikes, BowFlex 552 Dumbbells, Nautilus R616 recumbents and a few other select items.  Hang in there as more units will be available this month.

Body Solid has been a little slow lately with a new shipment expect soon.  Items that we are still anxiously waiting for include: rubber grip and cast grips plates and sets, aluminum cable attachment accessories, rubber and cast hex dumbbells and a few larger machines like smith machines and cages.  You'll see that as a result of some cancellations we have some units currently in stock for immediate shipping/delivery.  We are told that we can anticipate a large shipment in June which will contain many of these hard-to-get items.  Hang in there and THANK YOU!

This concludes my update for today but I did want to let you know that since the beginning of COVID, we have successfully shipped more than 1000 orders to customers around the country.  We currently have only about 60 orders that we are waiting for product on.  I realize this is no comfort to you if you are one of the 60, but I hope to reassure you that things truly are getting better.

Again, thank you so much for your extreme patience.