5/17/21 Update

Good Morning!

Thanks again for hanging in there with us and here is your order update for the week. . .

Spirit Fitness - After needing as many as 35 units to fulfill customer orders in January, as of this week, we will have completely fulfilled every order.  Thank you all so much for your patience.

WaterRower - We currently have just our in-store floor models in stock.  There will be a 8 to 12 week delay on any new orders.

Landice - We again have completely fulfilled all customer orders. As with so many other vendors, there will be an extended delay on getting Landice items in the foreseeable future.

Schwinn/Nautilus/BowFlex - We have fulfilled several orders last week and have received a few new additional pieces.  Our May allotment has been sent and it again allows us to order additional product.  As we know more about which pieces will be shipped, we will certainly let you know.

BodyCraft Fitness - We have a few T400 treadmills in stock for immediate shipping/delivery.  There may be delays on certain other items.

Body Solid - This is where nearly every back-order situation exists.  We are anxiously waiting for certain weight machines, rubber hex dumbbells, rubber and cast grip plates, aluminum cable attachments and a variety of products.  After having fulfilled more than 1000 orders since the beginning of COVID, we are down to needing product to fulfill the last 60 or so orders.  Steve, my inside rep at Body Solid tells us that there will be more product availability in June,  Our fingers are crossed that this will be the case.  Body Solid has more than 1000 sku's but only a few dozen items actually in open stock.  In short, it's much easier for them to what they have (a pretty short list) than for them to tell me what they don't have.

I know I've said this before but. . .  We're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a great week!