4/27/21 Update

Good Morning!

We are creeping closer and closer to fulfilling all orders. . .  

Spirit Fitness - we are within 3 units (All XT485 treadmills) from being completely caught up (compared to 35 units behind in January)  We also have many units available for immediate shipping/delivery.  Take a look at the web site and should you have a question on unit product availability, please drop me an email.

BodyCraft Fitness - we have 5 pieces on the road today which should fulfill all backorders

WaterRower - All orders are fulfilled with a couple units available for immediate sale

Schwinn/BowFlex/Nautilus - We have equipment arriving monthly (they only allow us to place one order a month and limit which units we can order and how many of them we can order.   We will be in contact with you if we received your order.

Landice - We have fulfilled all orders received. (either completed delivery or units on the road to us right now)

Body Solid - This is where the bulk of our customer back-orders lie.  We are continuing to receive shipments every couple of weeks.  We expect to ship the final few items of the shipment that arrived early last week.  Please note that hex dumbbells, rubber hex dumbbells, grip plates, rubber grip plates and sets of all of these as well as aluminum cable attachment accessories are expected to be available for Body Solid to ship to us in early June.  Please note that this information is based on what we're being told.  

We're truly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you so much for hanging in there with us.