4/5/21 Product Update

Good Morning Everyone!

Hoping you all had a great Easter weekend!  Deanna and I spent some time on fat bikes in the Kettle Moraine State Park near Green Bush Wisconsin.  Great way to enjoy the beautiful weather we've had here in Wisconsin.

I unfortunately don't have much to tell you in terms of new shipments because other than a Landice order of just a couple of treadmills for specific commercial customers, not many trucks have rolled in.

I did get a somewhat unexpected (not that they haven't been on order for months) shipment of 3 sets of BowFlex 1090 SelectTech dumbbells on Friday.  I will be fulfilling the 3 oldest orders this week

Here's what I anticipate this week. . .

I expect a 15 piece Spirit Fitness order including 7 - XT385 treadmills (all pre-sold) as well as 4 - XBR25 and 4 - XBR55 bikes.

I will be begging and pleading with Body Solid to get another shipment out to me this week.  The last shipment contained much of the same I had previously received, cast Olympic sets.  It was still missing many of the items my customers are anxiously waiting for - Cast grip plates and sets, rubber grip plates and sets, certain bumper plates and sets, aluminum cable attachments and rubber and hex cast dumbbells.

I have been told that we can expect rubber and cast grip plates and sets in early June. . .  Fingers crossed that this information is accurate.

I am doing my best at keeping up on the website in terms of what's available and what is in a back-order status, but if you want to see if something is physically in stock before you order, please shoot me an email.  Please note that we get our weight equipment from Body Solid exclusively.  There may be other manufacturers who have these items available, but we are very proud to feature the Body Solid brand and remain committed to supplying only their products.

Please note that we are a small business. It's myself (John), my one full time staff member (Josh) as well as a couple part time people who help out a couple days a week.  We operate a home fitness retail store in Manitowoc, WI,  We also service commercial customers throughout about a 60 mile radius of the same.  We are also a full service bicycle shop as well as operating the web site you see.  

We are doing EVERYTHING we can to obtain product to fulfill orders. If you haven't yet received any part of your order, it's not because we aren't trying.  COVID has certainly caused extended delays in getting some of the most common items.

If the wait ever becomes too long, we will gladly issue a refund.  If you send rude, harassing or otherwise un-pleasant emails accusing us of accepting your money and not shipping your product, I will issue a full refund for the remaining balance of your order and your order will be cancelled.  Simple as that.  Of course, the better way to handle this would be to simply ask for a refund.   This has been a very challenging time.  There's absolutely no need to have someone add insult to injury.  

For those of you who choose to hang-in-there with us - Thank you.