3/26/21 Update

Good Morning!

We are anticipating a delivery of yet another Body Solid shipment today, albeit a smaller one.  It will most-certainly allow us to again fulfill more customer orders, but I can guarantee, not all.

We also received 4 Spirit XE195 Ellipticals this week and have another shipment containing XT385 treadmills (all spoken for) as well as XBR25 and XBR55 recumbent bikes on the road as we speak.  Having started January with 35 Spirit customer orders undelivered, we will now be down to just 6.

We also received a Schwinn/Nautilus/Bowflex shipment containing an E618 Elliptical (available), some Schwinn A10 and A20 bikes (available), BowFlex 3.1 Benches (available), Schwinn 130 Bikes (available) and Schwinn IC3 bikes.  With the IC3 Bikes, we were able to fulfill all customer orders and have one bike to spare.  

We are still anxiously waiting for Spirit XT385 and XT485 treadmills, BowFlex 552 and 1090 Selectech dumbbells, Schwinn IC4 and AirDyne bikes.  Of course for my Body Solid customers, we are also anxiously waiting for more and more Body Solid orders.

Thanks for continuing to hang in there with us!  We really do appreciate it!