4/15/21 - Update

4/15/21 - Update

Good Morning!

I'm really struggling with this entire supply chain management thing. . .  While I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be a customer and to not know when your orders will arrive, I feel the same, but multiplied by 100 or so.

Body Solid had told me about two weeks ago that they had another order for me.  Of course, I immediately shared that with you guys.  I'm still waiting for it.  I emailed Steve (inside Body Solid rep) on Tuesday and was told their shipping department is now behind.  Please hang in there with me as I expect this shipment very soon.

Spirit Fitness did kind of the same thing but the large load I expect to be delivered today (about 17 pieces) was allotted to me 1 full month ago.  Again, the shipping department was behind.  Good grief.

I received a nice shipment from BodyCraft earlier this week and now have both the T400 treadmill and T800 treadmills in all three console configurations in stock.  I also have the VR400 rower from BodyCraft in stock.

Landice remains about 4 months out and I do have a few orders in with them, they are all within that time-frame.  If you're looking to order any Landice products, please allow about 4 months.

WaterRower is also still running with a couple month lead time.  I do have a Natural and a Club currently in stock.

Nautilus / Schwinn / BowFlex remains a serious challenge.  At the beginning of each month, we are given an allotment of items we can order.  The pickens are slim and we are typically only allowed 2 to 3 of each allotted item.  I did just ship out the 3 oldest BowFlex 1090 dumbbell orders,  Hoping to see more available soon.  This month I was allotted 2 Schwinn IC4 bikes so the 2 oldest orders of this item will be filled once they arrive in a couple of weeks.

While I try very hard to stay on top of availability on the web site, I can honestly say that it isn't always 100% accurate.  If you see something that you really want, you may want to drop me an email to see if it really-truly is in stock.  

Because of our small staff, we are not able to answer order questions by phone, so please email me with order questions.  Sorry it is this way but with just 2 people operating the organization, phone calls don't work very well.

As I've said many times, thank you, thank you, thank you for your incredible patience!