3/24/21 Update

Good Morning!

While our warehouse is starting to fill up with Spirit Fitness Cardio Equipment and select models of Schwinn/Nautilus/Bowflex cardio equipment (Sorry, no backup of 1090 weights, IC4 Bikes or several models of Nautilus Cardio) we have also received an shipment of Paradigm Fitness weight equipment including benches, racks and storage.  Take a look at this line on our site!

Again today, I'm receiving another shipment from Body Solid.  Although this is a smaller shipment (just 2 pallets of product), it will certainly allow us to fulfill a few more customer orders.

Please again note. . .  we are shipping customer orders as we receive the product.  If we haven't yet shipped your order, it's really simply because we have not yet received your item from Body Solid.  Believe me, we are doing everything we can to get customer orders fulfilled.

We are still anxiously awaiting Body Solid's aluminum cable attach bars, cast grip plates and sets, rubber grip plates, rubber hex dumbbells and sets and sets and several models of bumper plates.  Of course there are dozens of different items that we are anxiously waiting for, but these groups of products seem to be in the biggest demand.

New orders have certainly slowed as we seem to be exiting the pandemic, but manufacturers are still working overtime to get caught up with existing customer orders.

Thank you for your incredible patience!