1/26/21 - Another shipment on the way!

1/26/21 - Another shipment on the way!

Hey Everyone!

Here's a list of what is expected to be included in the next shipment coming to us from Body Solid.

Please note, there is a chance some items will be dropped off this order once it is actually picked at Body Solid.  Also, while you may see the item you ordered on this list, there may be other customer orders ahead of yours.

Of course, we're doing our best to get EVERY order out that we can, but please know that we can only ship orders if we received the products from Body Solid.

We expect this shipment to arrive sometime next week and we will begin shipping back out immediately upon receiving it.

Also, Spirit and BodyCraft items are sporadically arriving, sometimes a bit behind the originally scheduled date, but we're doing our best to keep on everything!

Thank you all for your patience!