1/21/21 Update!

1/21/21 Update!

Good Morning!

Well, our warehouse is once again empty (except for a few customer orders that will be picked up tomorrow and a few who I'm waiting on phone numbers on) but I just again received another email from Steve at Body Solid who tells me he's again assembling another large shipment to come our was soon.  This is very exciting as we still have hundreds of orders to fulfill.

We are receiving Spirit equipment on a regular basis - a couple units every couple of days.  Everything coming in now is pre-sold, but by mid to late February, I'm hoping to actually have some open stock on a few models.  If you have a Spirit unit on order with us - your delivery date is getting closer.

WaterRower - I have a Natural and a Club available for immediate delivery.  All other models will be a roughly 3 month delay.

BodyCraft - We are expecting T400 and T800 treadmills in mid February.  Other items such as rowers will have a 4 to 6 week delay but are not part of a pre-order at this time.

Nautilus/Schwinn/BowFlex - Here again, the delay continues.  I'm so sorry that I don't have better information but we simply are not being given any dates from the manufacturer.

Landice Commercial - Treadmills are a 3 to 4 month wait while upright bikes and ellipticals are mid Feb and recumbent bikes are available at this moment with only a 2 week delay.

We're finding with the freight orders that it's very important that if you get a message from the freight carrier that you get back to the promptly.  We've had a few situations where the carrier has started imposing a $30/day storage fee for customers who don't quickly respond.  We certainly don't want to see that fee so please give the carrier a call as soon as you receive the message.

Thanks everyone!  Have a great weekend and let's all hope that next week brings us even more good news!