2/3/21 Update - The trucks keep coming in!

2/3/21 Update - The trucks keep coming in!

The Fitness Store has had a very busy week with a 16,000 lb BODY SOLID shipment, all of which will be shipped out no later than Friday of this week.  We knocked out another 50 + orders, but we are still anxiously waiting for grip plates and sets, rubber grip plates and sets and bumper plates and sets.  I still have 3 freight truck orders leaving the store on Friday.  

As a result of some cancellations, we have a few items available for immediate shipping, including a couple Olympic cast iron sets and an exceptionally nice 5 through 75 lb round rubber dumbbell set.  I'm doing my best to keep the web site up to date but things are changing daily.

Customers have asked us "I received part of my order but not all of it.  Why is that and when will I get the balance?"

The simple answer is that Body Solid is simply sending us what they have, when they have it.  If you haven't received all of your order, it just because we haven't received it yet.  Hang in there. . .  weight shipments are coming in more frequently and larger so I think we're starting to turn the corner.  Let's  hope so.

SPIRIT FITNESS is also sending us much more frequent orders.  I've received XT185 and XT285 treadmills, XBR25 and XBR55 bikes and XE195 and XE295 Ellipticals.  I am still anxiously waiting for XBR95 bikes, XT385 and XT485 treadmills and XE395 Ellipticals.  I currently have XBU55 bikes and XT685 treadmills in open stock and expect some additional extra inventory next week.

BODYCRAFT FITNESS is expecting to send me a fair amount of inventory by the end of February.  I'm expecting both T400 and T800 treadmills at that time.

WATERROWER - While there is typically a 3 month wait on WaterRower products, I do have a Club and a Natural in stock as well as other models on my showroom to let you see and try.

With LANDICE products, you can still anticipate a three to four month delay so for my commercial Landice customers, please allow this much time after your order.

NAUTILUS/SCHWINN/BOWFLEX.  Sorry folks, I'm disappointed that this company has not been keeping up.  In heavy demand are the IC3 and IC4 Indoor Cycles as well as 552 and 1090 Selectech dumbbells.  Obviously, failing to get the equipment I need is disappointing, but not getting inventory level information or anticipated ship dates is extremely frustrating.

Thank you so much for your patience through this kinda crazy time.  It is truly appreciated.