Shipping Rate Glitch

Good Morning, 

While I was going over the orders that can be shipped with this new shipment of product, I found that one 400 lb weight set in particular had been keyed in wrong when it was entered with no weight.  Of course, that messes with the shipping rate provided to the customer.

A total of 4 customers had ordered this set, and when I sent an email to each of them explaining the issue, three of the four were gracious and understanding.  One, not so much.

Mistake will happen.  Sure, we would all love to have $1,000,000 mysteriously show up in our bank account, but the fact is, it was a mistake.  It's not our money and we must give it back.

In the case of the shipping and this set, I offered a discounted shipping rate to help make up for the error.

For those of you who realize that a 400 lb set of weights doesn't ship across the country for free, thank you.

I'm so anxious to be able to get out to the warehouse this week and get dozens of orders on their way.  This is exciting stuff for me!

And a special thank you to Shannon, who sent me this email: 

I saw on your blog that you are fighting covid right now. I hope you get through it quickly and mildly! I'm happy to support a small business and will wait as long as it takes.

This is what it's all about.  Thank you, Shannon!