Shipment Arriving Today!

Shipment Arriving Today!


Hey Everyone!

Another truckload of equipment is being delivered today and ever though I am personally dealing with the affects of COVID 19, my team (Josh, Scott and Jeff), will be busy at it, breaking down the new shipment and splitting it out to ship to our very patient customers.

Regarding COVID, I started feeling symptoms on Monday of this week and was finally able to take the test this morning.  In the mean time, besides a fever and cough, I feel like I've been hit by a bus.  Well, maybe a small bus.  Unfortunately, our little neck of the woods (northeastern WI, in the Green Bay area) has been hit pretty hard by COVID.  

Just a little bit on who The Fitness Store is, I started TFS in 1993 after 17 years of working for a similar retail store.  I am going into my 44th year doing what I do and I'll be honest, I love every minute of it.  We operate a 7500 square foot store in Manitowoc, WI (yes, home of Making a Murderer, but please don't hold that against us).  I have a wonderful 17 year old daughter Sam and an amazing girlfriend, Deanna.  I serve on many committees and organizations including the Manitowoc City Council, City Finance Committee, Public Infrastructure Committee and I'm a former Board VP of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.  We have a small staff of just a few and work very hard to satisfy every customer who placed an order both in our store or on our website.

When you buy from TFS, you're not buying from a big corporation, you're buying from a neighborhood business who gives back to the community every chance we can.  Just this week, we teamed up with a local barbeque restaurant and fed 62 Veterans at absolutely no charge to the Vets.

Again, Thanks a million for your unbelievable patience through this entire process.  It is truly remarkable how nice people have been as we continue to try to figure this all out. 

Have a great weekend everyone!