3/3/2021 Update

3/3/2021 Update

I am so grateful for your patience!

I knew this was going to be a drawn-out thing, but I would have never expected the supply-chain to be this dry for so long.  

Here is an update on what we know today. . .

More than 2 dozen pieces of Spirit Fitness equipment arrived yesterday.  We are scheduling deliveries as we speak.  We will still be short on a few XT385 and XT485 Treadmills, but we are optimistic that we will see these units within the first week or two of March.

BodyCraft has sent us everything we needed to fulfill every order we have.  If you have a piece of BodyCraft equipment on order, you will be getting a call from Josh shortly to set up a delivery.

Last week we received 2 - Landice L7 treadmills to complete an order in Sheboygan Falls.  We still have a few orders left to fill but all new Landice treadmill orders will still have a 3 to 4 week lead time.  Other Landice items may carry a shorter lead time.  Check with us to find out more.

Schwinn/Nautilus/BowFlex is still only allowing us to order limited units with a very specific quantity of each allotted to us each month.  I expect to receive the March list today, but the seriously disappointing news is that I still have not even received my Feb shipment.  Checking on it with them today.

There remains an estimated lead time of 2 - 3 months for WaterRower products.  I do have both a Natural and a Club in stock, so feel free to place your order if you are in the market for one of these units.

Another BodySolid shipment is being delivered to us tomorrow (3/4//21) but we've been forewarned that it will not include ANY Olympic weight sets.  It's still about $12,000 retail worth of product so we certainly hope to be able to fulfill some of your orders.  

I have to again remind you that as always, we will never give you a difficult time if you chose to cancel and receive a refund.  I completely get it.  This has been a frustration time for us all.  The only thing that I can say is that by keeping your order in place, you are in-a-sense, in line to receive your item as soon as it becomes available.  

Thank you all so much for your patience as we continue to navigate through these highly-unusual times.