2/19/21 Update

2/19/21 Update

Good Morning All!

Well, yesterday brought at least some good news as Landice, BodyCraft and Spirit all have shipments on the way to me

I will be fulfilling a Landice customer order from December, although there are still several Landice customers waiting, but at least it will complete an Apartment Complex project in Sheboygan Falls, WI.

I will be able to fulfill every residential BodyCraft customer order with the new shipment from them.  I still have one commercial order outstanding - due April.

Spirit Fitness is sending me their largest shipment to date and will allow me to fulfill every elliptical and bike order.  I am still waiting on XT385 and XT485 treadmills, but I'm told that the should ship the first week or so of March.  Spirit has been closed all this week as a result of the terrible weather they're experiencing in Arkansas.  Hopefully the weather will get better next week and these shipments will leave as planned.

If you're in the market for a great residential upright bike, we currently have 9 Spirit XBU55 bikes available in the store.  Because of the excess number of them, I have them marked down another $100.00 each.

Body Solid is preparing an order for me, but hasn't completed the process yet.  Part of the delay I'm sure results in collecting the dozens of previously back-ordered items, then combining them with the new orders to create an order to ship.  For those of you waiting on various aluminum bars as well as rubber grip plates and sets, cast grip plates and sets, bumper plates and sets as well as cast and rubber dumbbells, you have no idea how much I want these items to arrive so I can ship them back out to you.

Schwinn/Nautilus/BowFlex  With a shipment that's on the way to me right now, I will be able to fulfill all Selectech 552 orders.  Unfortunately, there is still no update on when I might be able to get 1090 sets or either IC3 or IC4 bikes.  Each month, they send out an order sheet of what the dealers can order for that month.  I am faithfully getting my orders in to them as soon as this sheet arrives. It is my sincere hope that the three above items become available soon.