The WaterRower Natural in Ash

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Our most popular and smoothest rowing machine!


WaterRower Rowing Machine in Natural Ash.


Rowing has long been recognized as the perfect aerobic exercise. Smooth, non-load bearing, rhythmic and low impact, its ideal for any user regardless of age, sex, or physical condition.

When performed with the correct technique, rowing produces a whole bodied effect working all major muscle groups simultaneously, optimising the exercise benefit gained during a workout.

Developing the correct technique is important to gaining the total benefit of the rowing movement. Flexibility is of equal importance and a appropriate stretching regime is advised.

The WaterRower's patented WaterFlywheel design, by reproducing the natural dynamics of a boat moving through water, replicates the physiological benefits of rowing like no other while capturing many of the psychological pleasures as well.

This model features a Natural Ash finish. Performance Monitor included at noadditional cost.

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