Cateye 3 LED Taillight

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Cateye 3 LED Taillight

Cateye 3 LED Taillight

The Cat Eye Taillight features Ultra-bright LED technology that means fewer LEDs but more overall light!

  • Incorporates a SPSC reflector into this light design
  • Includes clothing clip and will mount to traditional rear reflector bracket
  • Combining a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certified reflector and super-bright flashing LED makes the LD500 the ultimate safety accessory
  • If batteries lose their energy at night, the built-in reflector will shine brilliantly in a motorists headlights
  • Ultra-bright LED technology means fewer LEDs but more overall light
  • Reflex mount attaches easily to a standard reflector bracket, seatpost, or included clothing clip.

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