The Great Stretch Tubing Handbook


The Great Stretch Tubing Handbook

The Quick Reference Guide to Stretch Tubing Exercises.

If you are traveling for business or pleasure, nothing beats the convienience of stretch tubing for getting in a fantastic strength training workout. With this lightweight exercise tool, you can get a great upper body, lower body and abdominal workout, anywhere you go 64 pages. The Great Stretch Tubing Handbook shows you how to attach stretch tubing to a door frame to get a complete workout. Several exercises are described, along with a section on rotator cuff exercises, which are often reccommended by physiotherapists for shoulder strengthening.

In addition to the many exercise descriptions, The Great Body Ball Handbook discusses:

  • A series of stretch tubing exercises to work the whole body
  • How to make and use your own door attachment
  • A section on rotator cuff exercises
  • Stretch tubing safety
  • Sample Routine
  • A complete stretching section
  • Muscle anatomy diagrams
Other names for Stretch Tubing: exercise tubing, exercise band, rubber resistance tubing, rubber tubing, resistance tubing, rhombus tubing, resistance band.