Resistance Tubing Exercises Shoulders, Rotator Cuff and Core Poster


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Product Fitness Products Resistance Tubing ExercisesShoulders, Rotator Cuff and Core Laminated Poster

Resistance tubing is a wonderful tool to exercise different parts of your body, including your shoulders, rotator cuff and core. Resistance tubing exercises will strengthen your upper body and youÆll have fun doing them. Lightweight tubing or bands are ideal for travel, because they can be quickly thrown into a travel bag. Protection of the spine during exercise is important, which is why all Productive Fitness posters teach how to attain and maintain proper torso stabilization while exercising.The brilliant full-color 24x36-inch laminated poster by Productive Fitness Publishing demonstrates 12 exercises to keep you fit.

Follow the chartÆs instructions to do a twisting crunch, split squat overhead press, bent to overhead press and the Olympic snatch.

Round out your exercise routine with the standing size raise, standing front raise, and front and side raise with split squat.

Finish up with internal and external rotations of the rotator cuff, lying rotator cuff, T-stand with front deltoid raise, pointing dog and upper chop.
Work your anterior and lateral deltoids, trapezius, gluteals, triceps, obliques, deltoids and pectoralis major.

The easy-to-follow photos and step-by-step instructions make using resistance tubing fun and safe.

Whether you are a beginner or a fitness expert, this poster is a great addition to your workout center.