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Rating of Perceived Exertion and Talk Test


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Product Fitness Products Rating of Perceived Exertion and Talk Test Laminated Poster

The Perceived Exertion and Talk Test Chart provides an easy way to tell if you are training in the correct heart rate zone without actually taking your heart rate. In simple chart format, it uses different factors to determine your intensity level, including how difficult it is to talk while exercising and your perception of how hard you are working. Use this chart to become more in tune with your body while exercising and boost your overall fitness level.

RPE is often used by group fitness instructors to help participants self monitor their exercise intensity level. It is also used by those on medications that can influence heart rate.
This brilliant full-color 24" x 36" laminated poster, published by Productive Fitness Publishing, offers a simple 0 to 10 rating scale for determining individual intensity of exercise.

How much effort it takes to talk while exercising points out your heart rate.

At 0-1, you are inactive and showing little exertion. You could be standing or sitting. You breathe and talk normally, and your heart rate is 40-79 beats per minute.
At 4-5, you are working up a moderate sweat with a fast walk. Your breathing is moderate and you can carry on a conversation. Your heart rate is 130-149.
At 9-10, you are in the high performance zone. You are running at a fast pace and your exertion level is severe. You are gasping for breath and canÆt talk. Your heart rate is 180-190 or higher.

The chart's clear instructions with colorful graphs will make your efforts toward a healthier lifestyle a breeze.

By comparing your fitness factors to those on the chart, you can gradually increase your exercise output without compromising your performance level. This easy-to-follow poster is a great addition to any gym or fitness center. Get yours today for a healthier you!