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Fighthrough Fitness Olympic Lifts Workout Poster

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Olympic Lifts - Full Body Laminated Poster Lifting Poster / Chart For - Strength & Cardio Training - Core - Chest - Legs - Shoulders - Back - Build Muscle, Tone & Tighten - Your Guide to Body Building & Fat Loss - 18”x24" by Fighthrough


  • LAMINATED POSTER Description: Olympic lifting can best be described as a coordinated effort of muscle strength, flexibility and speed to lift a loaded olympic barbell from ground to overhead quickly and with proper form in one of two ways; the Snatch or the Clean and Jerk. While both lifts are complex, the Snatch is more advanced and technical than the Clean and Jerk (broken down into two separate lifts).
  • EASY TO FOLLOW: Clear & Percise Start/Finish Positions
  • WORKSOUT YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Exercises for Your Entire Body | Upper, Lower & Core Body Workouts
  • TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Build Muscle | Tone & Tighten Your Body | Develop your Six Pack | Improve Strength & Posture | Created and designed by fitness experts