Fighthrough Fitness 9 Foundational Movements Workout Poster

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9 Foundational Movements Lifting - Full Body Laminated Poster / Chart - Strength & Cardio Training - Core - Chest - Legs - Shoulders & Back - Build Muscle, Tone & Tighten - Your Guide to Body Building & Fat Loss - 18”x24" by Fighthrough


  • SIZE: 18"x24"
  • LAMINATED POSTER CONTAINS: The Nine Foundational Movements will help you build your lifting skills safely and effectively. You can approach the nine foundational movements in three levels. The movements all build upon each other, getting more complex as they progress from Level 1 to Level 3. It is very important to master these movements with good technique and practice them often.
  • EASY TO FOLLOW: Clear & Percise Start/Finish Positions
  • WORKSOUT YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Exercises for Your Entire Body | Upper, Lower & Core Body Workouts.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Build Muscle | Tone & Tighten Your Body | Develop your Six Pack | Improve Strength & Posture | Created and designed by fitness experts