Body Solid Synchronized Recumbent Ab Bench

$520.00 $400.00

Body Solid Synchronized Recumbent Ab Bench

Perform the most effective crunches possible no matter what your level of fitness!

The new Semi-Recumbent Synchronized Dual Ab Bench works your abs to perfection by allowing you to increase or decrease resistance with weight plates. Having trouble finishing a set of crunches using your own weight as resistance? Simply add weight to the plate holder to the rear of the machine for assistance.

Crunches are as comfortable as they are effective with extra thick and durable Durafirm seat pads. The days of dreading crunches and sitûups on a cold, hard, unforgiving floor are over. Make ab work more effective, comfortable and exciting with the new Crunch Bench by Body-Solid. Olympic plates only- sold separately.

Backed for a LIFETIME of use by the best warranty in the industry.

Assembly required.