Body Solid Lock-Jaw Olympic Barbell Collars

$46.00 $34.95


Body-Solid Lock-Jaw Oly 2 Barbell Collar

More than 50% additional holding power than standard Lock-Jaws

Use Body-Solid’s Lock-Jaw collars to secure weight plates in place during even the most strenuous of workouts. Thanks to its unibody design and lever, the collars can be adjusted quickly and easily during workouts. Soft elastomer pads and a premium resin frame helps protect bars and plates from damage during lifting. Great for home use and commercial facilities.

The larger lever and uni-body design of the Oly 2 Collars ensures easy installation and removal of the collar during workouts, while the elastomer pads and the resin frame protects the bar and plates from damage. Lock-Jaw is the best barbell collar choice for the lifters who demand maximum performance and durability from their equipment.


  • Use Oly 2 Collars for Maximum Holding Power
  • Larger lever for fast and easy adjustments during workouts
  • Yellow Finish
  • Protect bar finish
  • Designed for use with all 50mm (2”) bars
  • Ideal for home, commercial facilities, group and functional fitness & high schools/universities.


Weight: 3 lbs