Body Solid Cardio Barbell Set

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Body-Solid Cardio Barbell Set

This 40 Pound set has a bar with collars, and 35 pounds of plates. Cardio barbell training is one of the most effective group exercises around.  Cardio barbell training combines cardio and strength into coordinated total body movements.  Bar has chrome plated ends, and is 55" long and weighs 5 pounds. Easy grip plates are PVC coated.


  • 55" Long Cardio Bar (RBCW)
  • 35 Pounds of Cardio Plates:

    • 10 Pound Blue Cardio Grip Plate x2 (RPCW10)

    • 5 Pound Green Cardio Grip Plate x2 (RPCW5)

    • 2.5 Pound Red Cardio Grip Plate x2 (RPCW2.5)

  • Spring Collar Pair (RCCW)