Sting Ray

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The Sting Ray

The Sting Ray

The Front Squat is a great exercise for the athlete, bodybuilder, powerlifter, or for people with general fitness goals, but the negative aspects of the movement bring a ton of excess baggage.

Most strength coaches prefer the Olympic clean style grip because it gives the lifter a wider "rack" on the bar and therefore more stability. The problem with this conventional grip is that it's almost impossible for anyone with shoulder, elbow or wrist problems and most lifters lack the necessary flexibility in these joints anyway. This grip also requires external rotation of the Humerus (upper arm bone) stressing the shoulder joint and mechanically causing even more limits on flexibility.

The crossed arm grip has a load of downsides too. Narrow rack with less stability, more crush to the shoulders and it's harder to keep the bar from rolling back into the throat, or down the arms. No wonder the front squat is usually tried once and tossed out.

With either grip the bar can rest on the collar bone, press down on the sternum and cause the lifter to run out of breath long before leg strength.

Now, the Sting RayÖ removes all these negatives from one of the most powerful exercises available.

The Sting RayÖ:

  • Lifts the bar off the collar bone allowing full expansion of the rib cage!
  • Provides easy bar control without stressing shoulder, elbow, or wrists!
  • Allows the widest rack on the body by moving the load out to the front delt!
  • Keeps the Humerus in a safe neutral position!
  • Protects the lifters body so all new repair tissue goes where you want it!
  • Small and lightweight yet virtually indestructible for years of tough service!

The Sting Ray (Manta Ray also) is made of a high tech polyurethane polymer. This material is flexible enough in the upward projecting bosses to snap on and off the bar indefinitely, but rigid enough in the thicker sections to act as a load distributor. With the surface area of the bar increased as much as 1600%, the biggest problem with transferring weight to the human body is eliminated.

Put this breakthrough load distribution technology to work for you today and get your money's worth for a change!