Body Solid Pro Club Line Series II Leg Extension and Leg Curl

$2,595.00 – $2,725.00

160 lbs160 lbs
235 lbs235 lbs
$3,295.00 $2,595.00

Body Solid Pro Club Line Series II Leg Extension / Curl Machine

The leg extension is a vital movement in strengthening your quads and patellar ligament giving your knee added stability.

The leg curl trains the often-neglected hamstrings protecting you from injury, increasing leg strength, greater flexibility and relief from back pain.

Strengthen your quadriceps muscles with the leg extension exercise and work your glutes and hamstring muscles with the leg curl. The transition between the two movements is simple and easy, allowing you maximum time for your workout.



  •     Performs two most important leg exercise from one comfortable position
  •     Strengthen quads, glutes, hamstrings
  •     Transition between movements simple and easy
  •     Product Weight: 346.7 lbs.
  •     53.9" X 51.6" X 57"
  •     Body-Solid Full Commercial Warranty
  •     Optional 235 Lb. eight Stack upgrade #S2LEC/2