New Body Solid Shipment

I just wanted to share a little more info on this new Body Solid order that is scheduled to arrive here any day. . .

We are still only getting less than 10% of what I have ordered from Body Solid and of course, we will be shipping items out in the order these customer orders were received.  If an item comes in and the customer had canceled, that item will go to the next customer in line who ordered that same item.

In some cases, customers canceled an order but there was no other orders for that item.  In this case, we will be posting these items on our facebook page so that the item will show available.

In cases like this, these items rarely stick around long, so if you see something that has come available and it's an item you want, I would advise placing the order for it right away.

This order will be the first order we will have received that contains items that have been restocked at Body Solid since the pandemic started.  The order we received several weeks ago consisted of items that had been in stock but simply were not shipping because of the previous stay-at-home orders.

We at The Fitness Store have not held up any orders or delayed any shipping.  The delays we have encountered are 100% based on product availability.

Those of you who have been patient and have waited this out with us are true RockStars.  We truly appreciate it.