It's been a challenging summer . . .

It's been a challenging summer . . .

While COVID 19 has certainly created a very busy time for us at The Fitness Store, we are now seeing extended delays in getting not only weight equipment, but also indoor cardio equipment as well as bicycles and bicycle accessories.

Fortunately, we've been ordering ahead so that we always have things coming is regularly, but in most cases, the items have been pre-sold long before they arrive.  Here's an update on some of our suppliers and how the delays may affect your orders:

Body Solid - This is without-a-doubt, the most serious delay we have.  We could have never estimated the sheer amount of weight lifting supplies our customers would want.  We began receiving customer orders in mid-March and the orders haven't let up since.  Currently, we have about 100,000 lbs of weight ordered from Body Solid and even though we received about 7 tons of equipment in the second week of September, nearly every bit of it was pre-sold.  The next large order isn't expected to ship to us until the first part of November.  Hang in there folks, we truly appreciate your patience.  We wish we could do more, but simply put, there just isn't anything we can do.

Here's what we CAN tell  you about your Body Solid weight order with

1) No other retailer is getting better access to Body Solid products than we are.

2) Your order with holds your place in line for when these highly-sought-after products are available.  We graciously ask for your patience.

Schwinn/Nautilus/BowFlex - We've been periodically getting units in, including Selectech dumbbells, but it's few and far between.  If you have Selectech dumbbells ordered, please hang in there.  In addition, we do have a few cardio pieces in stock as we speak including the U616 and U618 upright bikes and the R618 recumbent bikes.  Nautilus has told us to stop accepting orders of the 5 to 52 lb Selectech dumbbells, but if you placed your order before we changed our site, we will be doing our best to get your order to you.

Spirit Fitness - Similar to Nautilus, we are receiving orders periodically, but in the case of Spirit, most items are pre-sold before we get them.  If you are thinking about a great piece of Spirit Fitness equipment, stop in, take a look at our floor models and place your order.  We will be getting more things in by the end of the year and already have equipment scheduled to arrive just after the first of the new year.

WaterRower - We will also be placing pre-orders to keep these units coming in.  Currently, we have a 4 piece order on the way but 2 of the units are sold.

BodyCraft - We have a few units on the way, but with so many models available, most BodyCraft items will be on special order.  We will be keeping the VR200, VR400 and VR500 rowers on our show floor, but there will be a delay in getting one for delivery.

Thank you all for your tremendous support of the last 6 months.  We've been doing our best to keep up but please know that we simply have no ability to get equipment any faster.

Thanks everyone and stay well.