Fraud Alert II

Hey Everyone,

I've again received reports of people ordering exercise bikes (those reporting never seem to know what brand they ordered) from what they seem to believe is coming from our site. Each of them tell me it's an exercise bike with the total cost at less than $100.00, shipping included. In addition, the reply they get is very vague, does not list what they ordered and has a 5 digit order #.  One person even filed a complaint against us with the BBB.  Once I responded, they failed to follow up - I'm assuming out of embarrassment for allowing themselves to be taken advantage of.

This is not us.

If you review our site, you will see that we don't offer ANY exercise bikes in that price range.  We also immediately confirm your order with a 4 digit order number.

Please, the URL on our pages will read (followed by the path to the item you're looking at). If the URL includes anything other than . . It is not us. If your order confirmation is 5 digits, I would recommend you immediately file for a charge-back with your credit card company.

For those of you who have legitimately ordered from us (4 digit number) and wish to cancel your order, we completely understand. As long as your order hasn't already shipped, just send us a friendly request to cancel, including that order number. Your request to cancel will be honored - usually the same day.

Thanks again, everyone!