8/26/21 Product Availability Update

Good Morning!

Your patience is incredible.

The Body Solid shipment we received a couple of weeks ago has been fully checked in with all customer orders we could pull from it shipped back out.

We will anxiously look forward to yet another shipment from Body Solid, although as I've posted earlier, we are no longer taking pre-orders for Body Solid items.

Most other brands of product are at normal shipping times with a few exceptions, mostly involving Schwinn/Nautilus/BowFlex where we are still waiting on availability for a few select items including IC4 Bikes and 1090 Selecttech Dumbbell sets.

Between order fulfillment and customer cancellations, we are getting down to just a few customer back orders remaining.  For those of you who are still riding out this storm with us, we truly appreciate it.

Thank you.