3/15/21 - Week of St Patrick's Day Update!

3/15/21 - Week of St Patrick's Day Update!

Good Morning and Happy St Patty's Day Week!

This week is set to be another record week for receiving products.  We are expecting large orders by: Spirit Fitness, Body Solid, Landice, Paradigm Fitness (new line for us) and BodyCraft.  We may also see a new order from Nautilus/Schwinn/BowFlex although I haven't received a confirmation of that.  We're hoping to again fulfill many existing customer orders, plus we actually may be able to retain some product for stock.  

Last week, we received a nice-sized shipment from SPRI.  Over the weekend, I was able to update the website to reflect real inventory.  Check out the resistance bands, stability balls and exercise mats at:

Also, I thought I would also respond to a concern a customer has shared with me involving in what order we allot and ship products to customers.  When new product arrives, we immediately turn to our Shopify admin site and type in the new product's part numbers.  Shopify provides us with a list of customers who are still waiting for each item in the order the customer order was placed.  We ALWAYS ship products to the oldest orders first.  ALWAYS.  

Another reminder too. . .  virtually all suppliers we buy from, are only shipping items that they have available.  If you have multiple items in your order, we may get one or two of the items without receiving the rest.  This doesn't mean we forgot about you, it simply means we've only received a portion of what you ordered.

Hoping you all have a safe and enjoyable St Patrick's Day week!  Thank you all so much for your patience and support.