2/9/21 Update - More Product Arriving!

2/9/21 Update - More Product Arriving!

Hello Everyone!

Here's your weekly update!

SPIRIT cardio equipment has been arriving sometimes as much as 2 shipments in a week.  This is great news for the customers who have been waiting since fall for their treadmill or elliptical.  We continue to expect more shipments to arrive.

BODY SOLID - We just finished shipping out dozens of customer orders and now again have a pretty empty warehouse.  Earlier today, Steve at Body Solid confirmed that we will have another sizable shipment sent to us next week.  Crossing my fingers it will include bumper plates and sets, cast grip plates and sets, rubber grip plates and sets as well as kettlebells and misc other items.

LANDICE - Please continue to expect a 12 to 16 week lead time on Landice commercial products.  Sorry folks, but as several customers have said "It is what it is".

SCHWINN/NAUTILUS/BOWFLEX - As I mentioned earlier, I have 4 sets of Selectech Dumbbells allotted to us.  Of course they are all spoken for so if you have these on order, watch for an email in the next 2 weeks with tracking info.  Customers waiting on 1090 Dumbbells, IC4 Indoor Cycles and AirDyne AD6s and AD7s - I still have no update.  All I can say to that is as an authorized dealer for these brands, I'm committed to maintaining the pre-COVID price on these groups of brands.  I've noticed many incredibly high prices on other sites.  I would advise you to beware.  

BODYCRAFT - If you're waiting for a T400 or T800 treadmill, we expect T800s in mid Feb (getting close) and T400s in late Feb.  All other items I will have to check on for you.  

WATERROWER - Lead time is still 3 months or so but I do have a Club and Natural unit in stock for immediate delivery.  (The Club model is assembled so it will have to be a local customer).

If you've emailed me and were directed to the blog, it's simply because this gives everyone a pretty good idea of where we are.  If the wait time just gets to be too long, I completely understand.  A simple email to me requesting to cancel your order and receive a refund is all I ask.  

It is rapidly approaching a year since we started dealing with huge back-orders and I cannot even begin to tell you how nice most customers have been.  Thank you.  We are truly doing everything we can to get orders out as quickly as possible. 

Thank you again for your patience!