12/15/20 Shipping / Product Availability Update.

12/15/20 Shipping / Product Availability Update.

Good Morning Everyone!

Today between 1:00 and 3:00, then again 1:00 to 3:00 on Thursday, all 16,000 lbs will have been shipped out.  Emails will be sent out and will include tracking numbers.  Please note: if you ordered a weight set which includes the bar and collars, the collars will be inserted into the weight crate and the bar will be shipped separately by UPS.  The weight set will be shipped by a freight carrier.  This means that  you will be getting 2 separate tracking numbers.

Also be aware that the truck driver is only required to get the freight to the back of his truck.  It's particularly important that you either have help unloading or you open the crate and remove the weights individually. 

A customer has questioned me on the red phrase I have on the pages of many Body Solid items indicating that shipping times have been reduced.  I think this customer brings up a good point. I posted that when I noticed the increased frequency that I've been getting product from Body Solid.  Maybe in my excitement I got a little ahead of myself as while I have been able to ship more product out, I haven't been able to ship ALL products out.  There are still orders on select items back from the beginning of COVID that I haven't been able to ship. 

I apologize if my pages are interpreted as misleading.  I pride myself on being pretty straight forward on what I think we can do, and many customers have thanked me for that.  I may have been a little too optimistic in thinking this shortage of product is nearing a conclusion.  I suspect we will be dealing with this for most of 2021 and possibly beyond.

As of right now, every item that has been ordered from my page, has been ordered from Body Solid.  They are sending me what they can, when they can and I'm doing my best to get it turned around and shipped out as soon as we receive it.

If you are thinking of ordering something as a Christmas present, I'm politely asking you to either drop me and email to check availability.  Just as through this entire COVID period, I can make no promises on any deliveries.

Thanks again for your incredible patience!