10/5/20 Customer Order Update

10/5/20 Customer Order Update

Hey Everyone! Again, thanks for your amazing patience as we continue to very-slowly navigate thru this rough period. While much of the Country is seeing downward trends in positive COVID 19 cases, our area in Northeast Wisconsin is unfortunately spiking upward. Fortunately, this by itself isn't causing delays in your order, but it certainly isn't making anything any easier.

Here is a little update on where we stand with our various manufacturers:

BodyCraft: We have started receiving rowing machines which had been on back-order since spring. Other cardio items from BodyCraft are hit and miss.

Body Solid: Here's our biggest challenge. While we did get 13,760 lbs of weight in the third week of September, all of it has already been shipped to customers who have been waiting - some since April - for their orders. When I emailed Body Solid last week asking them to get another order out the door, I was told that there simply isn't anything in the warehouse at this time. I was further told that the next large shipment I can expect will be in early November. Hang in there with us folks!

InFlight Fitness: This company seems to be in the best shape as far as inventory goes. They do have some holes, but they also do have a fair number of units available.

Landice: Please expect a 8 to 12 week lead time on Landice products.  I would highly encourage placing a pre-order because with the extent of this delay, it may take a year or more for Landice to get caught up so there is actually open stock of their products.

Nautilus/Schwinn/Bowflex: I have a few dozen pieces of Schwinn and Nautilus cardio equipment on the road right now. I am expecting Schwinn AirDynes, IC3 Spin Bikes, some Schwinn model upright and recumbent bikes as well as Nautilus upright and recumbent bikes. Once they are in, I will try to update the website.

Spirit Fitness: I made some what now seems to be pretty good moves by pre-ordering dozens and dozens of Spirit bikes, ellipticals and treadmills. While I am receiving these units periodically, in many cases the units are pre-sold to customers who earlier put down deposits. If you are thinking of getting a Spirit treadmill or elliptical, I might advise that you go ahead and get your order in now. While I will have a few select pieces available in open stock, it literally will be just a few.

WaterRower: Just like all the rest, WaterRower is way behind. I have 4 units on the way right now but 2 of them are already sold. The two units I will have available are the GX Home Rower and the M1 Hi Rise Aluminum Rower.

Please email at to get inventory information on the unit you most want to order. Because things are changing everyday, it's best to ONLY email, as calling us may put you in touch with someone in our retail store who may not be completely up-to-date on inventory statuses and shipping delays. Please accept my appreciation for your tremendous patience and know that we are doing all we can to assure the quickest delivery possible.