1/8/21 Shipping / Receiving / Availability Update

1/8/21 Shipping / Receiving / Availability Update

Good Morning!

I have kind of a mixed series of updates, some good, some not so good. . .  but we'll all get through this, right?

Spirit Fitness - Throughout COVID, we had been given anticipated shipping dates on Spirit Fitness products, but just this Monday, those dates have been pushed back.  Units that were scheduled to arrive in Dec are now pushed back to later in January and so on.  While these are not huge delays, they are still a disappointment to us and the customers who have been waiting a long time for their products to arrive.  

That being said, only days after we were told about a delay, we received notice that they had some treadmills to ship - much earlier than expected.  Of course, we accepted them and a couple of customers have been notified that their treadmills are on the way.  This just goes to show that things can go both directions.  We're hoping to get large quantities of Spirit products in before the end of January.

Body Solid - Our largest shipment to date was expected to arrive yesterday, but it did not.  I suspect we'll see it today.  It will take us a few days to get this order sorted out and shipped back out but it is guaranteed to allow us to fulfill dozens of customer orders.  We are excited to be able to fulfill these long-over-due orders.

Landice - Recumbent bikes are only 2 weeks out, upright bikes and ellipticals are a little over a month out but treadmill orders (minus the L10) are up to 4 months out.  Please plan accordingly.

BodyCraft - All treadmills are at least a month out.  We will be placing an anticipation order today to have some T400 and T800 treadmills on order so when they come in, we will get some delivered.

WaterRower - We received 4 units yesterday.  2 - Naturals and 2 - Clubs.  1 of each was already spoken for and one will remain as a floor model, but we will have either a Club or a Natural available for immediate shipping.

Schwinn/Nautilus/BowFlex - All I can say is - dismal.  We have orders in house but we have no idea when things will arrive.  Further, Schwinn/Nautilus/BowFlex have chosen to not accept new dealer orders at this time.  This simply means that I cannot put things on back-order.  There is no timeframe as to when these products will come available.

I continue to ask for your patience as we navigate through these unusual times.  Why can't we give you better answers?  Because quite simply, we don't have them.  We had a customer call the store yesterday inquiring on her Spirit treadmill order which I unfortunately had to push her delivery time back a few weeks.  We are so sorry for this situation, but there is absolutely nothing we can do to make things happen faster.  There is no amount of times you call the store that will speed things up.  There is also no number of times one can reword the same question that will make your order show up sooner.  All these things do is add to the frustration we are already experiencing.

To those of you who have patiently waited as we do everything within our powers to expedite your order - THANK YOU!