Tropical Hibiscus Yoga and Pilates Mat

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Tropical Hibiscus Yoga & Pilates Mat

The Wai Lana-designed Tropical Hibiscus mat is equally suited to Pilates and yoga. Stylish yet subtle, this unique mat creates a beautiful and fun setting for your workout. Luxuriously padded (twice the thickness of a standard yoga mat), the Tropical Hibiscus provides the cushioning necessary for a comfortable workout no matter where you are.

"These colorful floor matsûperfect for yoga, Pilates, or stretchingûjust might make you forget itÆs 20 degrees outside. Designed by Wai Lana, a Hawaii-based yoga teacher who has produced TV series, books, and videos, these mats can brighten up the grayest winter days."-North Shore magazine, February 2004

(1/4"H x 24"W x 68"L)

Sold individually.

Available in Berry, Blue, Pink, Purple, and Orange.