Fun Challenge Video Collection


Fun Challenge Video Collection

Burn Off
Wai Lana's fun yoga routine uses time-tested postures to burn off calories, toxins, and fat. These asanas will also strengthen and reshape your body, giving you an aerobic workout without the wear and tear.

Upside Down
Wai Lana reveals the secrets of the sages with yoga's inverted postures. This is a perfectly balanced workout of right side up and upside down asanas for your body, giving you vibrant health, a strong body, and a peaceful mind.

Wai Lana will help you firm your entire body while guiding you through yoga's classic postures. Regular practice of these firming poses will give you a strong and flexible body with well-defined muscles.

The poses presented in this series are challenging and may not be suitable for everyone. To gain the strength and flexibility required for the more challenging poses presented in this series, you are advised to master the Easy and Hello Fitness series first.