TFS FM Wireless Entertainment System

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The TFS Wireless FM Entertainment System

Just plug this unit into the audio output jack of your receiver, TV, CD Player or Tape Deck, and you are broadcasting. Keep your facility looking clean and orderly without the clutter of wires running everywhere.

Your members can tune into the frequency you've pre-selected, and hear the audio of unit of their choice, without disturbing others.

Provide several television station options, without controversy, while maintaining a quiet setting for those who want silence.

Installation can be completed by nearly anyone in just 10 minutes and requires no special tools.


  • Reception range of 100 to 300 feet
  • Broadcast Frequency from 87.9 - 107.9 MHz
  • RCA Cable (included)
  • 20" Fixed Length Antenna (included)
  • Wall Adaptor Power Supply (included)
  • Durable Black Case with Hook and Loop Attachment
Important. . . You must have an audio output jack on your Television, CD Player, Radio, or Tape Deck for this system to work.

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10% discount on orders of 3 or more.
2nd day Shipping and Handling charges of $12.00 for the first unit, and $24.00 for 2 or more units.