Stamina Elite Inversion System

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Stamina Elite Inversion System

StaminaÆs Elite Inversion System is a multiple-benefit machine that uses the same method many hospitals and doctors use to reduce pressure on spinal discs, ligaments, and nerve roots while increasing blood circulation, strengthening the back, and elongating the spine.

Inversion therapy is natural and non-invasive and also helps counteract the daily stress that contributes to a stiff, sore back and neck. Studies show that muscle tension declines 35% within ten seconds of inversion, and that inverting as little as 25 degrees for even a few minutes a day can help relax tense muscles.

Two or three short inversion sessions every day works best for most people to treat back pain caused by stress and poor posture.


  • Patented Pellicle mesh bed conforms to the body, allows air circulation
  • Ratcheting leg lock system with push-button lever release holds ankles securely
  • Auto Stop prevents inversion past a chosen angle
  • Quick-adjust footrest puts you into the correct position to invert
  • Foam-padded handlebars are easy to reach from any inversion angle
  • Skid-resistant rubber floor protectors maximize stability
  • Adjusts to fit heights of 4Æ4ö(132cm) to 6Æ6ö(198cm)
  • Attractive pewter-colored frame
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Locking pivot arms
  • Assembled size (maximum when extended to accommodate a 6Æ 6ö tall person): 60.5ö(153.7cm) high x 32.5ö(82.5cm) wide x 43ö(109.2cm) high
  • Folded size: 65.5ö(166 cm) high x 32.5ö(83cm) wide x 21ö(53cm) high
  • Required workout area: 85ö(215.9cm) long x 40ö(89cm) wide x 70ö(219cm) high
  • Warranty: 5 years frame/90 days parts

    Warranty Information

    90 days parts/5 year frame

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