F.I.S.T. 2 Lower Body Biased

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Functional Integrated Strength Training 2 - Lower Body Biased Video

The F.I.S.T video series, By Mark Cibrario & Mark Stone, contains technique, cueing and biomechanical considerations for the core, upper and lower body regions and exercises. The Core video, 75 minutes in length, progressively challanges the core with over 80 functional exerecises from spinal stabilization, to isolation, to integrated dynamic movement involving the upper and lower body. The Upper Body video is divided into a two part series in order to provide a progressively challenging video for the upper body with over a 190 functional exercises that increase proprioception, balance, proper postural alignment, and coordination. These two videos may be performed with the ball or in a functional stance. Part I - 120 minutes; Part II - 63 minutes The Lower Body video also progressively challenges the lower body with over 70 functional exercises to increase proprioception, balance, proper postural alignment and coordination. The F.I.S.T lower body exercises focus on squat, lunge, step-up, deadlift and functional hip movement progressions.