SCIFIT« ISO 1000 Upright Exercise Bike



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A fitness industry staple, the ISO1000 Upright Bike is built to withstand years of heavy use in a commercial gym environment.


  • No minimum pedal RPM, ideal for rehab and unconditioned users
  • Electromagnetic brake for quiet operation, 5 - 2000 watts adjustable in 1 watt increments
  • Workload dependent or independent of pedal speed
  • Comfortable seat with indexed height adjustment


  • Manual - One button Quick Start
  • Heart Rate - Set target heart rate and the machine adjusts the workload to maintain target heart rate ( Polar compatible transmitter optional)
  • Constant Work - Set watts and the bike maintains constant workload independent of speed
  • Iso-Strength - Allows user to maximize workload at a fixed RPM; a key ingredient for sports training. Ideal for therapy settings as well, where fixed RPMs are desirable
  • Random -Infinite number of program profiles
  • Hill Profiles - 6 profile programs with over 20 levels of intensity

Average delivery time - 2 to 4 weeks.


Size: 60" High x 40" Long x 20" Wide
Weight: 130 LBS.

Power: Self-generating with battery backup - also includes 12v wall pack transformer (U.S. only) if desired to keep computer on at all times.

Warranty: Limited Warranty: 3-Year parts / 1-Year labor.