Polar FS1 Dark Blue Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar FS1 Dark Blue Heart Rate Monitor

Simple information

With the FS1 on your side, itÆs much easier to get fit. With its extra large digits and one-button functionality it lets you view the results from your workout instantly.

  • See how the intensity of your workout affects your heart rate
  • Helps you to keep the intensity you want

    Basic features

  • Automatic/Manual target zone (% / bpm / HRR%) - manual bpm
  • Heart rate (displayed as bpm)
  • HeartTouchÖ, button-free operation of wrist unit
  • Manual target zone (% / bpm)
  • Over-sized display
  • Visual and audible alarm in target zones
  • Water resistant - 50m

    Cycling features

  • Bike mount - opt.

    Polar exercise features

  • Average heart rate of total exercise
  • HR-based target zones with audible alarm
  • HR-based target zones with visual alarm
  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate

    Recording features

  • Average heart rate
  • Exercise Time (total)

    Transmitter belt

  • Polar T31 codedÖ transmitter - compatible
  • Polar T31 transmitter
  • Polar WearLink« 31 coded transmitter (changeable battery) - compatible

    Watch features

  • Time of day (12/24h) with alarm - w/o alarm


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