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Kinetic by Kurt PRO Bicycle Trainer

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2010 Kinetic by Kurt PRO Cycle Bicycle Trainer adjustable flywheel


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Kinetic by Kurt PRO Cycle Bicycle Trainer adjustable flywheel

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He ain't heavy. . . he's my trainer!

The most versatile trainer you can find, featuring two separate flywheel options: an attached 6 lb. flywheel designed for interval training, plus an additional 12 lb. flywheel (18 lbs. total) for hard-core endurance workouts, like tempo and Long Slow Distance rides. Plus, the incredibly stable 540 square inch base keep each pedal stroke stable and focused. Variety has never felt more road-like.


  • Includes attached 6 lb. and additional 12 lb. flywheels (total of 18 lbs.)
  • Incredibly realistic ride
  • Great for resistance or endurance training
  • 30-second coast-down from 20 mph
  • Lowest operating temperature in the industry
  • 80 cooling fins to dissipate heat
  • Clamp and Lock Quick Release with lever lock secures bike easily
  • Sealed fluid chamber with magnetically coupled driveshaft
  • Fluid training without the leaks
  • Consistent resistance at multiple temperatures
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime crash replacement policy features is proud to be an authorized Kurt Kinetic Dealer and will offer the full factory warranty on any products purchased from us. Be aware of sellers of Kurt Kinetic products that ARE NOT authorized, as the product warranty may not be in force.



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