Step Stretch

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Intelligent Stretching . . . The Stretch Step

Features of the Stretch Step include:

  • Provides highly effective pre and post exercise stretching
  • Increase muscle flexibility, strength and balance-patented rocker design isolates each muscle complex and allows it to stretch relaxed and fully without competition from other muscle groups, hence increasing flexibility
  • Step stretch holds the foot securely in place and naturally induces the movement that properly and safely stretches all muscles and tendons in the lower leg (hamstring, calf, Achilles tendon, plantarfaschia (arch) and ankle)
  • Helps prevent injuries through flexibility
  • Studies show increased flexibility is 3 TIMES GREATER in those who use the Step Stretch than in those who use the wall stretch technique
  • One side of the body may be less flexible than the other side; by stretching one side at a time, you can ensure that the client is control of the stretch and responding to feedback from that side instead of allowing the less flexible leg to be stretched beyond it capabilities
  • Illustrated instructional manual included
  • Teal in color
  • Fits up to shoe size 14 men

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