Extri 2 in 1 Tricep Rope

$496.95 $46.95

The New 2 in 1 Tricep Rope by Extri Inc. (Patent pending)

Our exclusive new 2 in 1 Tricep Rope was developed by an exercise physiologist to reduce the amount of strain placed on the shoulders while performing traditional tricep rope exercises. The patented design features a longer bar that accommodates shoulder width and places the handles in a position that eliminates shoulder rotation.

The extra long chrome plated bar is also knurled for grip, making it an excellent handle for tricep bar pushdowns, bicep curls and numerous other exercises . Our new 2 in 1 Tricep Rope is made of a heavy duty 1ö polypropylene rope with extra large handles for a comfortable grip. Fits most weight stack cable equipment.

This product is made entirely in the U.S.A.