Kinetix Pro TT Bars


Kinetix Pro TT Bars

How many of you out there with road bikes really use the drops on your bars? Answer truthfully. Chances are, you spend the large majority of your time on the tops of your bars. We've spent some time re-thinking optimal body and hand positions and the Pro TT bar is the result. The Pro TT bar is designed for riders who want a fast, aerodynamic riding position but also multiple hand positions for comfort. The Pro TT features 6 degree swept back tops and a flattened shelf on the bend for cruising comfort. Shorter forward extensions are perfect handholds for big-ring mashing and mate perfectly with STI levers. The special bend at the end of the extension even allows riders to dial in the amount of "reach" desired from the levers. Internal cable routing. Fabricated from triple-butted 7050 aluminum.

Three hand positions:

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